About us

We work with our clients, not for them, to deliver the best outcomes

Who We Are?

Nofal’s Consultancy was formed in the first quarter of 2014, in Pakistan with the aim of providing services in the following areas;

  •  Business Solutions
  •  Business Processes
  •  Software Solutions
  •  System Implementations
  •  Product Development
  •  Project Management
  •  Financial Consultancy
  •  Capital Markets & Banking.

The company was incorporated in Pakistan in 2014 and successfully delivered projects from Pakistan as well as from abroad. We have completed some projects from educational sector, and few are in pipeline.


It is a mix of experienced professionals and fresh talent. The experienced professional are from Banking, Finance, IT, Capital Markets specializing in Compliance, Corporate Finance, Feasibility and Acquisitions, Project and Product Developments, and Business Process Re-engineering.

Why us

We work with our clients, not for them, to deliver the best outcomes


We provide consultancy services in software solution development, financial management and business process optimisation in order help our clients achieve their goals. We look for synergies across the business model in order to maximise efficiency and minimise risks.

Who We Are


The company was incorporated in Pakistan in 2014, it was successful in getting assignments and projects from Pakistan as well as abroad and entered into agreements and did a few assignments. We already have secured some education business in August 2022 and a few more assignments are in the pipeline.

Our History


Nofal Ahmad Butt is the Chief Executive of Nofal’s Consultancy. He did his MBA from Institute of Business Administration, University of the Punjab in 1994. Since then he worked in various positions as enjoys a very diversified experience of serving various industries including Capital Markets, Financial Sector, Manufacturing Industries and has also held very diversified portfolios including Management, Finance, IT and Operations.


our Services

We work with our clients, not for them, to deliver the best outcomes

Software Development

We have expertise and proficiency in all the latest tools like ASP.NET, PHP.NET and Java, with Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL as databases. We have capabilities of Android and iOS development, as well as rich experience in developing complex applications on USSD.

Business Solutions

We help our clients develop operational models that best suit their business size and requirements based on recognised Best Practice. We review existing business


Business Processes

We can review the existing processes and identify areas of risk, operational in-efficiencies, cost reduction etc.

Product Development

Our software development team has experience with creating supply chain management software using the best industry practices. In addition to bespoke supply chain solutions we also have experience with deployment of ready made supply chain management solutions like SAP, Odoo and ORACLE.

Project Management

We can manage projects in financial, business and IT domains to ensure that projects are delivered as per client's requirements, in time committed, and within client's budget.

Financial Consultancy

We offer services in managing books of accounts, refining SOPs for financial operations, setting up internal audit teams and processes.

Our Business Success

We work with our clients, not for them, to deliver the best outcomes


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Our Management

We work with our clients, not for them, to deliver the best outcomes